The inventor

Klassik statt Klingel


With this project I hope to familiarise young listeners with classical music in an easy way and to make them find pleasure in classical music in the long term, but at any rate to attain a reaction to the varying pieces of music.
In the context of this project the well-known sound of the gong at school breaks is replaced. Instead, there are recordings of masterworks of classical music, not in gong-tone quality but played by the best orchestras. The 200 pieces of music are stored in a database, which shall be independently administrated and enlarged by the pupils.

Furthermore, each piece of music is accompanied by detailed documentation, both about the composer and the music itself. It is my aim that after four years the pupils shall have the basic knowledge of classical music which being the most important cultural part of general education has a positive influence on the further development of young people. There has been a considerable feedback from the media and the schools so far, so that the project is making progress.

Prof. Robert Leonardy

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